I had a incredible weekend. Saw a lot of frieds. Said a lot of crap! =P

Friday I drunk a lot of wine and played poker with Manhães and Tati (and I lost all my money – R$ 4.00 – less than two dolars).
Saturday was Elfo’s birthday celebration. I ate a lot. Talked a lot and Priw and JP slept over, so we could try to stay awake to see the F1 race.
Of course, everyone slept before the race, only Priw stay awake.
Sunday was (his) family day. First we went to lunch with my husband’s grandmother, to celebrate the Luiz birthday.
After that all cousins came here to play some more poker. And we (Priw and I) went to Sandubas to Eliane´s (my fake mama) birthday.

Now we´re going to eat a pizza with Luiz (here is brother of my husband).


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