Paradise City

Yesterday we saw

ooow! There’s a city! And Ben is cold and mean. I hate him already.
The Hydra station?! UHU!
Jack is a stubborn one and his problems with his father are bigger and bigger, and now I tottaly gets his guilt trip about his father’s death.
Sawyer is funny. I know he is not a good guy, but I love him anyway. Jack is boring. Sawyer is fun! XD
I felt sorry for Kate.  What the hell hapen in her way to the cages? She is not well at all…

Today I’m very happy:
1. It´s already friday! \o/ The week is almost over. Just a few working hours and freedom!
2. Drinks and a good conversation at night. We going to meet Tati and Manhães.
4. Grey’s Anatomy is and The Office to make my weekend more fun =P
5. Elfo’s birthday on saturday
6. I just loooooooove my new hair color. I know for sure that no one will notice, because is just a lit bit lighter, but to my eyes makes all the diference in the world. For me and myself, only, but it is just a small part of my big hair plain… hehehe….

And my PMS just left the building … =D

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