Don’t speak

Yesterday I found that my sister and my brother-in-law are separated since last Sunday.
Oh, boy, this sucks. Sucks a lot. They have a two years old son.
It was the second marriage for the both of then. He has 3 others kids (17, 19 e 21 y-o) and she has one more (17 y-o).
I’m very sad ‘cause I thinking in my nephews and a broke a marriage is never easy, happy or full of good memories … but to be honest I never was much a fan of my brother-in-law. He sometimes is a big idiot. The biggest idiot I ever know.
But she loves him, and she picks him… it´s sad.

Now, to make the day more enjoyable: My shows! =D

I like a lot. Someone has to say somethings to Lorelai. Rory is my new hero! 😛
But is sad. Luke is sad. Lorelai is sad. And Cris must be in pain. (Not sure if he deserves it, although I’m totally undersand Luke’s behavior).
Lane pregnancy? oooh… Did not like at all.
Where are Emily? I miss her … I she have no clue what is going on.

I just donwloaded LOST and the subtitles. I can’t wait to see tonight.!
I’m very anxious! 🙂

And today is Grey´s Anatomy’s day! UHU!

Gotta work. Please send all my english mistakes to my email! =P

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