Romantic Dinner

So, yesterday I have the idea to make a romantic dinner. So, I went to the market and bought some wine, a cheesse fondue, a italian bread, little toasts and set in the small table, next to the tv. And the TV was on, and From Dusk Till Dawn was on. My romantic dinner suddenly became a ackward dinner with vampires melting away. =P

I have drunk two glasses of red wine and I woke uo in the middle of the night not feeling very well. So some tv movies and I talk to chickflick1979 in priwskywalker´s cel phone … hehehe.

Now, I’m dizzy and sleepy and have a lot of thing to do  =P

ps: my english is the worse thing ever in the entire world. So, please, be free to send me a email tell me where I made a mistake. 🙂

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